Be RAW by Being the Ultimutt Friend

Consistently showing up for friends in need and offering everything you can, whether it’s your time, energy, or other resources, makes you an ultimutt friend. Be there to laugh at, cry over, or celebrate the ups and downs of your pawsse’s lives. There’s nothing stronger than the RAW bond between friends, afterall!

Be RAW by Befriending All Breeds

Large or small, long-haired or short-haired, trained for hunting or for show, we’re all equals! Being RAW means befriending all breeds (yes, even cats) to create an inclusive, welcoming environment for everyone. From a warm smile to a friendly tail wag, there are plenty of ways to brighten someone else’s day by showing a little kindness. Even better? Start a conversation with them! You’ll never know what kind of shared experiences you may have until you ask another person (or pet) about themselves. With just the simple act of getting to know someone new, you can improve both of your days or even make a new lifelong friend!

Be RAW by Caring for Your Pawsse

Lending a paw to a friend in need is what being RAW is all about. Make them laugh when they’re feeling down, be their biggest cheerleader when they could use a little encouragement, offer your time or energy to show them you care. Show your pawsse how much you love them through words and actions, and they’ll do the same for you when you need a boost. If they don’t, remember that caring for others is only possible if you are caring for yourself too. You can’t help anyone until you are in a healthy, pawsitive place! Take a step back from those who aren’t contributing toward making you the best version of yourself.

Be RAW by Spreading Pawsitivity

Living RAW means leaving a trail of positive energy everywhere you go. Light up those around you and make an intentional effort to leave them better off than they were before. Offer a genuine compliment, lend an ear or a paw to someone in need, encourage someone to follow their dreams; there are so many ways to make an impact on another person and, in turn, your own mood and outlook will be made better!

Be RAW by Being Furociously Loyal

Being RAW means being loyal to those that have been with you from the start. Family members and lifelong friends deserve all the kindness we can give for helping shape us into the best possible versions of ourselves. Show up for those that have been supporting you from early on and continue putting work into those relationships. Offer them the same level of energy that they have given you over the years in order to make them feel valued.